What it’s like having midwifery care

How I found a local midwife

I think the best way to find a good recommendation is always word of mouth and personal experiences. So that’s exactly what I did I had a group of like minded mothers around me who had either birthed at a birthing center, in a hospital but with a midwife and doula or at home. 100% of the 4 moms I talked to recommended the same midwifery so I went in for a consultation and knew she would be a great fit! I would ask other seasoned moms if you are curious about reputable midwives in your area!

Choosing a birth plan

I am hesitate to even use the words ‘birth plan’ because in the homebirth community especially I feel like giving up any expectations on how you think you will birth and just letting whatever happens happen is the way to have the most peaceful birth experience. What I mean is of course plan and prepare but if maybe things progress or delay more than expected instead of panicking and changing the whole plan have a little patience for baby and your body. I was expecting to birth in a birthing pool at home they had delivered all the supplies and I had the water birth kit all that was to be done was setting up the pool and filling it up.

Well things went from 0 to 100 so fast that by the time my husband got home I had to have him run a hot bath and help me in the water. The midwives got there 2 minutes later and my water broke. There was absolutely no way we had time to move. So there I was having labored the whole time at home with my three year old son and having the baby in our bathtub. Haha but I just surrendered and said okay this is where I’m having the baby so get zen. I imagined being in a lacey bralette with candles lit and soft music playing while I laid against my husband through contractions. Instead I was butt naked in front of God and everyone in my tub in broad daylight! But it was still just as magical as I imagined it would be. All that to say just let your body and baby do what they want during labor and follow your intuition.

What appointments are like in a midwifery office

So they are alot less invasive than a traditional OBGYN office. Most appointments are urine sample, weight, belly measurement, and listen to the heartbeat. Of course your midwife should ask how you are doing and help with any recommendations you need to pregnancy ailments. And that’s pretty much it maybe a few conversations about the birth. As far as testing goes you have the option to deny any test just like a regular physicians office. But all the same tests that your OBGYN offers your midwife should be able to do or refer you to someone who will. I think I had one ultrasound by choice again you have to have at least one ultrasound by law but I personally did not want anymore than medically necessary. I never had anxiety going into my appointment or coming out. After every appointment I felt happy and excited for the next visit and upcoming birth!

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