CBD and how it has helped me during pregnancy

What do I use CBD for?

I am a lover of plant medicine and homeopathic medicine, we don’t use over the counter medications. I am always looking for new healthy ways to heal. When I saw friends and family using CBD regularly from local stores and heard amazing success stories it didn’t take long to start doing my own research and come to the conclusion that cannabis is the mother of all healers! CBD stands for cannabidiol and is the second most prevalent active ingredient of cannabis. While CBD is an essential component in medical marijuana, it is derived directly from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant. CBD can not cause a “high” by itself. I use CBD nearly daily for inflammation mostly but also anxiety, brain fog, acne, headaches, and to support my immune system.

Why CBD?

Modern medicine has a time and a place to be used. A sore muscle or a headache or any ache or pain, in my opinion, should not be covered up but healed. Are we drinking enough clean water, eating whole foods, getting our daily vitamins in? If these are all being done properly that’s when I bring in CBD or another plant medicine. I can give it to my children and husband without being worried of the possible side effects because there are none. None long term that could damage kidneys or other major organs. I can feel confident we are treated our ailments while using the purest CBD oils on the market!

How I chose the best CBD

I had tried CBD from friends before but it was always clear and had no plant taste, It was either flavored or plain! I had been following a mom on Instagram who had some of the same takes on motherhood as I did and she was also a businesswoman. She had been working with a CBD oil company and left. Soon after she announced she would be launching her own brand or organically grown, women-owned, made in the USA, CBD oil. I knew I wanted to try it out for myself for my acne and anxiety. So as soon as I could that’s what I did! Shortly after reaping the benefits of this miracle oil I decided to start sharing about it and got some family on board with trying it to help with there health issues. Nūvita CBD is a staple in my medicine cabinet and I don’t see us ever not having it. It tastes just like pure cannabis oil, smells great, lasts long, and has no additive ingredients. I hope this answered some questions about CBD and pregnancy and as always consult your healthcare provider while taking supplements while pregnant. Thank you for reading! The link to purchase your nūvita CBD is below just click the link in my bio!


2 thoughts on “CBD and how it has helped me during pregnancy

  1. I love this! You’re doing such an amazing job! Nuvita CBD has helped me so much in my postpartum journey too!


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