My essential non-toxic cleaning products

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by, today I will be talking about my favorite safe cleaning products. Finding an all in one cleaner was something that was important to me because I try to be more on the minimal side when it comes to the number of products we keep our the home. It was also important to find a cleaner that was not toxic to breathe in for me or my growing family. That’s when I came across Branch Basics!

How it works

Branch basics is a woman-owned business and they sell non-toxic cleaner! How it works is you order your kit and it comes with the soap concentrate and labeled bottles. You fill with water then fill to the soap line and that’s it, you’re ready to clean! The oxygen boost is amazing as well I use it for a spot treatment and you can add it to loads to brighten them up. Online Branch basics has different options to choose your kit, they even have a trial kit for $5!

How long it lasts

I received my starter kit around January and it is May and I need to just now reorder the concentrate. I use it as hand soap, dish soap, all purpose spray, no streak spray, laundry detergent, and spot treatment, you can also use it on your whole bathroom! It works quick and I don’t need 10 products. It lasted our family about 4 months and It’s the only cleaner I used.

How much is the cost

The starter kit is $69.00 this includes the concentrate all the bottles you will need and the oxygen boost which I have and love for fighting stains! And to repurchase the 33 oz. concentrate is $49.00. I definitely think they are worth the investment if you divide that by weeks it lasted us 16 weeks then we spent about $3.15 a week on a good nontoxic cleaning soap. Winning!

My opinion

I will be repurchasing this product and I think they are economical and sustainable. The product performs well and lasts a long time. And I forgot to mention they just released NEW GLASS BOTTLES! Branch Basics is the kind of brand I love to support and feel so lucky I found my forever cleaner!

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