We are pregnant!

We are pregnant! This is our second baby. We already have a three year old little boy and Toby and I are so excited for him to have a sibling! I am currently only about eight

weeks, and have morning sickness which is different from my last! My husband and I knew we wanted more that one child so we were all excited and a little surprised. Haha

The theme of the blog will shift slightly more strongly targeted toward those who want to read about the topics I will list. At least from now until about August 2020! Of course still, some family and lifestyle posts as well but mostly pregnancy & baby, midwifery care at home delivery & postpartum. I hope you will enjoy sharing my feelings and experiences as well as some facts on these topics! Also with this new little one, we will be starting our cloth diapering journey and baby-led weaning. So if these topics interest you then please stick around!

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