Toddler and Mommy Morning routine

Hey there! If there is one thing I’ve learned from being a mama is that my son THRIVES off of a routine and schedule. He has since about 3 months probably. Nothing too structured but pretty much the same flow every morning and evening makes for a smooth day! Below I am sharing our everyday routine, I hope this helps some mamas get a little routine down! *This is also to be taken with a grain of salt, everyday does not go like this.

7:30 mama wakes

7:40 pick up/ write down intentions for the day

7:45 coffee

8:00 Bowen awake/change diaper/milk

8:10 book/music/snack

8:15 bowen independent play/mama cleans (if it’s a struggle 30 min show)

8:45 start breakfast

9:00 eat breakfast/clean up

9:15 get ready and dressed for the day

9:30 outside time

10:00 snack/ simple craft

10:30 laundry/ clean one area

11:15 start lunch

12:00 lunchtime/clean up

12:30 outside play/playdate/run errands

1:30 snack/quiet time/ coloring

2:30 outside time before dinner

3:30 house pick up/ prep dinner/ Bowen independent play

4:30 start cooking/ show/ daddy’s home

5:30 dinner time

6:00 pick up/play with daddy

7:00 bathtime

7:30-8 milk/story/bedtime

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