Tips that have helped me be a respectful parent

Little people have such big emotions just like we do. The issue is that we expect them to react to their emotions like a grown adult would, when the fact is they physically and developmental can NOT. I’ve always wanted to be a more gentle parent (no spanking, time outs, yelling). Through my childhood, i learned my triggers that stressed me out were these parenting tactics. So when i had my own son i knew gentle parenting was going to be the way to go! This type of parenting takes patience, persistence, and grace something our society has an extremely hard time practicing. Below I’m listing three tips to help you on your parenting journey and just know when in doubt all your children need is your love.

Stay consistent

This one is pretty important. If you say something to your child you better mean it and fully intend on acting out your words. For example, if you say “stop doing that or we will have to leave” and your child does “it” again. You leave. Period. This is setting boundaries without any type of physical punishment or yelling at your child. Children need you to show them guidance to teach them and in order to do that they have to trust your word. Stay consistent so there are no surprises and you and your child know what to expect of each other. Always with love and grace!

Have high expectations

This one is more personally and ties into the first tip. If you let your child yell and scream and throw toys at home you can NOT get upset when you are at the store and they want to yell and scream and throw toys. I know it can be exhausting but by setting these expectations early my son at least isn’t thrown for a loop when we go out he knows what is expected. Now toddlers are toddlers so all you can do is guide and teach, NEVER expect anything. You will end up disappointed. And of course show them sympathy and love as much as possible.

Breath and lead by example

If you are both flustered and overwhelmed it is good to maybe check in with yourself. Our mood directly affects our children and if they sense we are stressed they start to take that mood on as well. Take a few deep breaths, talk in a soft calm voice and try to understand how you both are feeling and how to help resolve the issue. Literally stop breathe and remind yourself you are teaching everyday by how you respond! And show all the love, give all the hugs. Good luck and know you are doing the best you can! Thanks for reading! 🕊

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