Reminders for the overwhealmed toddler mom

Your vibe is their vibe.

It is so easy especially as a new mom to forget that a little person is watching your character so closely. Even mimicking you. For example, if my husband and I are even having a conversation about a topic that is intense it could even be a movie, but if our demeanor changes his quickly does too. He will yell out “ahhh” as if to say “hey you’re being too loud”! I’ve found that staying with a constant almost monotone voice is best while he is learning what words mean.

Consistency is key

Oh boy. This i already knew i just didn’t realize the amount of consistency. Bowen does best when he has a morning and nighttime routine at home. As far as weekends and babysitting we try and limit it because of how difficult it would be to get back on a set schedule. Also his eating i try and stick to whole foods, fruits, and veggies but when he weened to food i introduced him to the wrong choices. Now it’s like we have been on track for about a year but he is learning to like new foods and textures as well. Again consistency with his meals and portion sizes are important at the moment. All in all staying consistent seems to make every transition easier.

Comparison is the thief of joy

It is so easy to compare when you are worried about your child ” is this normal”? Might even cross your mind. This is a natural reaction to distress especially when it seems you can not do anything to help. In my experience, the WORST thing you can do is compare to family, friends, students, etc because they are not this child or living this child’s life with their circumstances. That is why you have to look even at siblings as individuals they should not have to “be like” anyone because they are just being themselves. Our job as parents is to observe, support, teach, and guide them in a loving way so that they can eventually do hard things on their own. Easier said than done. If you feel yourself starting to compare and feel bad about a behavior your child is having try getting on their level really analyze the feeling that they are experiencing and try to be empathetic. Not having an expectation of them acting a certain way saves time and heartache for both toddlers and parents! Just know your child is so special and unique they are truly one of a kind. Don’t try to change them, help and embrace them!

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