How to conquer mom guilt

Mom guilt seems like a fad because we have just put a label on it, but I think it’s been around since the first mothers! In my experience, this guilt comes from a place of feeling like I have not done enough and do not deserve “time off”. Being a full-time STAHM routine seems to be the key to everything lol. If I am consistently doing something we find a groove and it is an easy transition. Below I’ve listed a small checklist I do mind when I plan on having some me time.

1. Make sure you and your children feel secure about leaving the fun-filled day with each other, food, clean and dry, special activity or movie)

2. Try and focus on what you are doing at the moment (when you get where you’re going try to stay present)

3. Remember why you decided the alone time was desired (know this is good for you and your mental health and you are taking care of yourself)

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