Finding balance

Life is often referred to as a balancing act. Many times we as humans keep ourselves busy with different tasks and interests that we can feel like we are falling short in an area. That is not a feeling I want, instead of figuring out the steps to take to feel at peace and balanced. I have three points when moving toward this goal.

Pinpoint your desires

Really figure out what you want in life. Broadly. Your family, your home, your career, your hobbies, your legacy. Now that I have “goals” for the future. I can better analyze my life now to see if everything is moving toward these goals or maybe hindering them.

Know your priorities

If you keep doing something or going somewhere or being around someone you do not care for. Stop. Just stop it. No need to be dramatic just stop living your life to please others. You have your own goals, responsibilities, and ethics no need to take on any others. Try and keep your focus on what you want and how youre going to make it happen. This kind of tricks your brain into finding opportunities you may otherwise not notice. Know your own priorities.

Stay present and have gratitude

Stay present and be grateful sounds so simple but can be tricky. For some reason, humans are always thinking ahead. This can obviously cause a distraction of the real goal. To be present. For example when you are sweeping the floor do not think about what youre doing after, only think about sweeping the floor. It sounds silly but this is a big one for training your brain to focus on what you tell it. As far as gratitude just pass on kindness and help to people as much as you can. Treat others how you would want to be treated and be grateful for what you have now and where you are now. Thank you for reading! 🕊

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