How to Know your worth

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Worth is the value at which someone or something deserves to be rated. This blog post might sound a little like a rant but… It’s my blog so I can really say whatever the fuck I actually, please.

Stop beating around the bush

I was born in upstate NY and my whole family is from there. I grew up saying the first thing I thought. Never was I corrected or belittled or made to feel ignorant. Moving on to moving to upstate SC people are completely different. Not in a bad way. I obviously really enjoy it here and the people. The only thing is around here if you say “No” people tend to think you are mad or upset. They need a full explanation as to “why” you said no. No is a complete damn sentence, you should not have to defend your answer ever. I love saying no. As someone who struggles with anxiety and ADD spreading myself thin by saying yes to. everything only makes my life feel like chaos. So if you don’t want to do something do not best around just say NO!

Eliminate negativity

This one is hard and goes back to NOT beating around the bush but I struggle with this daily. If you know something is stressing you out. Eliminate it now. Laundry that needs folding? Do it. Dishes? Wash them. Dinnertime chaos? Pinterest and let the baby watch TV. Child tantrum? Talk to them. Appointment or meeting? Do your research and crush it! You can find what really adds stress and chaos to your daily routine and make them work for you. This is your life don’t waste it worrying about the daily craziness.

Be proud

It is common to be told not to be prideful and this is true. But if you are proud of your life you have created I have found that pride only manifest that amazing life even more. It’s like you’re telling the universe I’m proud of how I reacted to all the different scenarios that were thrown my way and now look! You have probably spent some time and money getting where you are now. Remember to stay humble and grateful for where you are but definitely be proud of where you’re going. 🕊

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