Advice on Manifesting your own destiny

What does it mean to manifest your destiny?

Manifest means clear or obvious to the eye or mind. Simple. And destiny the events that necessarily happen to a specific person or thing in the future.

What draws you in?

The first step in manifesting your destiny is defining what you want. This is where it gets tricky. It’s not figuring out what you need to be a successful person it’s figuring out what lights your soul on fire. That’s what I want to spend my time and energy on. Whatever you love, what excites you, makes you giddy and ready to start! For me, I like reading other bloggers and Instagram accounts so next step…

Act like you’ve done it forever

This is huge because manifesting is just believing you have something already but really you do not, yet. When you have made your decision start acting on it. You do not have to be perfect, but at least you are here. Where you want to be and spending your time how you want. Study other habits in your niche. If there is someone you look up to, see what they are doing and how they do it. You may just find you’re a lot better than you thought!

Consistency is key

This is true for almost everything in life. If you really want something done correctly and efficiently you have to stay consistent. There is no way around this. But I find that setting yourself up for “small wins” is more effective. For example, instead of writing a to-do list twenty bullets longs write down three and when you have done them you will feel a lot more satisfied. Do a little every day and it will all add up.

Love your surroundings

Now, this is more drastic but totally worth it. Your home, car, the things you eat, and people you are around affecting your mood. These are all part of your surroundings. I suggest analyzing what you do not love and if it is unnecessary and can go. Let it go. Or them. Things and people who are not building us up and adding positive vibes do nothing but tear your spirits down. I am responsible for my joy in life but I am also responsible for the lack of.

I hope we can all manifest our life to their fullest potential! Thank you for reading! 🕊
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