How I already reached my goals in 2019

Attitude is everything

I have always been able to “find” the good in hard or bad situations. This is a trait I developed most likely from my father’s side of the family because they tend to not really get into any other emotion except happiness or excitement. On the other hand, my mother’s side of the family is the opposite, stern and dismissive. So I made sure very young that I knew how to recognize and embrace my emotions as much as possible. Now I am at a place in my life where if I need to cry, I cry. If I need to tell or scream I do. If I’m in a giggly mood I stay that way. I try to be content in whatever emotion I’m feeling because emotion is all it is. This is last maybe 30 seconds and then I can move on feeling clarity and contentment.

Pinpoint What do you want?

This seems like an easy question, but so often people spend more time searching for what they love than they do actually doing what they love. For me, I knew I wanted to marry Toby and start and family and stay home and really pour love, time and work into my family. I knew this probably after my husband and I was dating a little over 2 years. I can work and make an income anytime in my life. The desires of my heart to stay at home while we have young children is much much more than my desire for material things. So it just made sense to trade the two. At least for this season of life.

How to Plan to you achieve your goal

So you have figured out what you want, now how to get it? I became remotely obsessed with being a SAHM. (stay at home mom) I first began with the logistics, the money is it possible and how can we make it possible. This was not as difficult as my paycheck did not take care of Bill’s it was just my gas, food, and entertainment. After we figured the numbers were right my husband and I talked about me staying home for a long time and the possible problems and arguments that could arise. Obviously, he would be the only person bringing in money. This is just something to make sure you are aware of that way it never becomes an issue. I put my notice in April 2018 and have not looked back since! I think if you have a clear cut idea for your goals/life there is no way you can’t achieve it. Work hard and Stay focused. We can do it! #goalgetter #bossmama

📸 Photo by @sarahdmock on Instagram

Jewelry is @milkandhoneymrkt on instagram

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