The kind of parents we want to be

Parenting. It’s exhausting and hard, but also rewarding and magical. Without getting into the nitty gritty my husband and I both wanted our family dynamic to be very different then that which we were brought up. Not completely but for the most part our parenting styles were not the same as our parents. So we both had to start from scratch. I worked as a babysitter/nanny and then at a daycare before having my son so I had some idea of the style of parenting I preferred. My husband is a very go with the flow personality and I feel like his parenting styles shifted as he gained knowledge on different parenting styles.

Parenting style

Everyone is going to parent different because ever child and every circumstance is different. We prefer and believe in respectful parenting, mixed with some child lead and gentle parenting tactics. Obveoulsly we do not crack open a book everytime our 21 month old throws a tantrum but we try and abide by the guidelines these parenting books lay out. There are so many resources today. The internet being the biggest and broadest, but something about touching, smelling, and reading an actual book that is so satisfying. It’s like this is in a book! There was alot of money and time invested in this. So in my opinion this book is more reliable than maybe some internet article (ironic). I always do research on both ends of course. That is the only way to collect real research,but I would recommend checking out your local library and browsing the parenting sections. You may be surprised what goodies you find!


I am currently not finished with these books yet. I will finish them though! I use the table of contents alot and read all around in each book to applicable chapters or pages. Another great resource is podcasts! I use the doublepod app. Just type your parenting styles in the search engine and you can browse and listen to them for free!

Newbies guide to positive parenting by Rebecca Eanes

How Children Learn by John Holt

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