Toby and Alonna 2012-

Toby and I met in drama class at our high school. It was my freshman year and his junior year.On the first day I was accidentally put into the Drama2 class and later in the week switched to Drama1 with my future husband. On the first day I walked in the double doors and I remember having to walk along the auditorium in front of the whole class. I saw Toby and his friend next to him and immediately thought oh he’s cute and kept walking to my teacher. Now it’s funny to think about but we had never talked to each other ot seen each other. The weeks went on and we flirted a little in class. Then it came time for a our winter break.

We had exchanged phone numbers earlier on as friends and I remember the whole last week before break there was just tension. Good tension like I want to be with this guy and I’m sure he had his own thoughts. But he walked me out after class and this other classmate walked with us the whole time lol. I could tell Toby wanted to talk to me alone. After I got picked up, because I did not even have a driver’s license yet. We texted all day long. When I got home he asked if I had plans over the break, and if not he wanted to hangout! I flipped out and called my best friend, true 15 year old girl freak out. We ended up at our local applebees and a movie and let’s just say the first date was “memorable” but such a blast! If you know me you know I have a loud and bubbly personality and Toby is the complete opposite, calm and cool almost all the time. So it makes sense after our movie I look over and I kissed him! 15?! Calm down girl! A girl knows what she wants.

Anyways Toby had quickly become one of my good friends at school and dating him was even better! He was constantly taking me out and buying me gifts. Just pursuing me in all the right ways. He still does. But in the beginning everything is so new and sweet. I remember one day in my room we were “talking” and 15 year old me said “I’m going to marry you, you know?” He sweetly smiled and looked at me with those dang eyes! And said “okay!” Gosh I love him. We talked about marriage from the third month or so of dating, we just always seemed right.

Like I said Toby is two years older so he finished school in 2013 and I graduated In 2015. On the day of my graduation we were taking photos and my friends and family are their and so are his! Right there at our high school football stadium he proposed! He literally waited 15 minutes after I graduated! Haha I love this man ya’ll! So I planned our wedding in 5 months and we got married Ocober 11, 2015 with all the love we could wish for.

We were married about 10 months before I found out I was pregnant with our son. He was born February 10th, 2017. Our love story continues and I can not wait to see what is written! 🕊

All photos by

Instagram: @kileylaurenphotography

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