3 tips for an authentic life you love

It seems as people get older they get less satisfied. Why? I am happier now than I have ever been in my life. I know that circumstances change but the way we as individuals respond can stay constant. Imagine being constantly joyful! I’m sharing what has helped me change my perspective on pretty much everything.

Be as authentic as possible.

I struggle at comparing myself to others. This is such a downfall because your individuality is what separates us and makes us unique! When someone is just being themselves it’s attractive. Not in a weird way! Like oh, that person looks happy I want to be happy too! Instead of comparing and trying to be like someone else. We should all embrace our qualities and quirks that make us a little different!

Not caring what people think.

I know easier said than done. This is definitely a lot easier not going to a job or school or hearing a large amount of my peers opinions. I have lost all social norms. Thank the Lord! I’m a naturally happy bubbly person. It is how I thrive and do my best. When Bowen and I go out we are always the loudest! And you know what we have fun, we are not concerned about what anyone else is doing. It really does give you a sense of freedom. Like okay, people are going to love you and hate you and none of it has to do with you. I love that. This is your ONLY life. So if you are questioning something based on others opinions. Don’t.

Do what you want.

This kind of ties into not caring what other people think. When you have freed yourself of others opinions you really feel empowered. Or that’s just my personality. Either way, if you are thinking of something over and over. There is a reason, dig deep and then act. The action is the only way to get anything done. Small progression is still moving forward so remember to have grace if what you want to achieve is big! This life is so precious and we all get the choice to live it how we want. Do not waste it!

Thank you for reading! 🕊

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