Survive the holidays as a new Mom this year

Christmas can seem a little overwhelming for anyone, but especially moms. Scheduling and preparing dinner, spending lots of time with family, and creating holiday memories! I have a tendency to put this unnecessary pressure on holidays and big events because I want everyone to enjoy themselves. There is a sweet spot though, where everyone can have a nice time but also relax and just be present. Below are a few ways that could make the holiday season a bit less stressful and a lot more joyful! As it should be.

1. Do not overwear your welcome

I used to think when we visited the (mothers in law) MIL we needed to stay for an extended time. My husband reminded me that after about 1 hour and 30 minutes sometimes 2 hours at each house. Everyone’s ready to move on. This is enough time to eat, socialize, to do any holiday traditions, and have some time to talk before you leave. This time is so precious with those who may not be here with us for holidays to come I understand. We try not to put a time frame on everything and stay present. If we are all having a great time we will stay as long as we think is right. Honestly,y the host at the home you’re visiting is probably ready for a break by the2-hour mark.

2. Buy (or make) everyone a small gift

Christmas gets expensive. I get it. There is nothing worse than being at a family event and everyone giving you and your family about 10 gifts and all you brought was 1 gift for your parents. Buy or make something small for everyone you know will give you a gift. Something they can use and not junk. It does not have to be a super extravagant gift just a hand soap or a pair of fuzzy socks with a handwritten card says ” I thought of you.” Christmas doesn’t have to be huge and expensive it can be simple and just as sweet! I urge if you have a family get together just to ask who all is coming and have a few “ready gifts” that could go to anyone on your nice list!

3. Do not overdo it

It’s Christmas tomorrow it will all be over just like last year. So do not kill yourself trying to make 2 turkeys, 1 ham, 3 casseroles, and a pie in two hours. You do not have to do it all! Simplicity is the key to making the holidays “peaceful, merry and bright.” So just go pick up a cheese ball and some yummy crackers and put it on a tray. I promise it will get eaten and you will save your sanity. If you have time to prepare a dish, do it! Just do not over commit. I think especially woman can put so much extra stress on big events when there does not need to be. Let things be. Soak in all the conversations and memories shared. You only get one family and one Christmas a year!

Hopefully, some of you can relate to the dreaded “holiday hustle” but remember the reason for the season and why we are doing all of this celebrating! Happy holidays to you and yours! ❤🕊

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