Natural Birth story of Bowen. Natural birth without fear!


Bowen was brought into this world on February 10th, 2017 in a birthing tub inside of a birthing center in my hometown. I saw only midwives through my whole pregnancy and carried 39 weeks and some odd days. I had the easiest most amazing pregnancy. Seriously I loved being pregnant. That all has to do with my wonderful team of midwives and the support of my sweet husband Toby. I’m writing this to let anyone know who us considering natural birth to just do it. Seriously if you are a healthy pregnant woman you should have no problem birthing your baby. It is what we were created for. It is as natural as breathing hence the name “natural birth.” This is not a post to shame anyone but to spread light to the fact that having a child without medications or even going to the hospital is really more “normal” than we think. I know some people may say that is “crazy talk” but think about it. You’re not sick. You’re not in any harm. Every woman before you have done this and been okay. Just do your research before you say ” oh I’m going to a hospital and definitely getting the drugs.” My labor hurt yes. Not in an excruciating way through in like the way you hurt when your body is going through its monthly. Does it hurt but you don’t run to the hospital and numb yourself from the waist down? Just do your research Mamas. Below is exactly how my birth went! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

The lead up:

On Thursday, February 9th, 2017 I woke up around 12 am with mild contractions. I had experienced Braxton hicks contractions the whole last week of my pregnancy before giving birth. These did not feel the same. I already had all of our bags ready so tried to lay down and get rest for what lye ahead… Around 3 have I woke again and this time I could not lay back down without squirming in discomfort. At this point, I thought I’ll just call the midwife on call and let her know it would be time soon. I called explained they were about five minutes apart lasting about 30 seconds each. I could breathe through them and my water had not broken nor had I lost my mucus plug. She nonchalantly told me to call back when they were two minutes apart lasting for 1 minute. A few hours went by and my husband stayed home from work obviously. I took a bath and Toby made us eggs and toast. I called around 2 pm in A LOT of pain she told me to come in so we hopped into the car and took the 25-minute ride to the birthing center. Now the car ride was the WORST part of this whole experience. It made my contractions so much more unpleasant when I couldn’t self soothe freely. Anyway we get there and she checks my cervix and I’m only displayed to a 2!!! We have to drive back home until I dilate more. Back in the car, we go until 4:30 pm when I tell Toby look I don’t care to take me back. The new midwife on call checks me and I am a 4 so she says we can go down to our room. We walk in and there are candles and a warm jacuzzi bath with a beautiful tile walk-in shower! A pregnant woman dream really so I put one leg up to get on the bed and BOOM! My water breaks! It was so crazy and awesome. So I look at the midwife and she says “good thing you came in when you did, things are about to get real.” At this moment I knew it was game time. No more joking around and trying to distract me from the pain. Now it was going to get so intense I would have to EMBRACE the pain. I would have to know that my body was capable of birthing this 6lbs baby. I walked a good bit and got on all fours and rocked. My two main positions before pushing were in the shower or on a ball. Or during a contraction my amazing husband pressing against my lower back while I stood in front of him. This went on until around 8:30 pm Friday and then I remember like a ton of bricks I felt the exhaustion. My body tightening and releasing on its own. Meanwhile, I’m trying to just breathe in between these damn contractions that are now 30 seconds apart and lasting about 1 minute. This sounds terrible but I was prepared and knew that TRANSITION is a natural part of labor that lasts usually under an hour and is right before you get to meet your baby! I remember looking at the two midwives and saying “I need to push.” She checks me only one more time when I let her know I was ready. The only other time was when I arrived and was at a 4. So she checks me and says I am almost fully dilated and we should move to the tub.

The birth:

Quickly we get into the bath my husband now squatted in front of me. There is one midwife behind me and one beside me. Couching me, softly. I told the one dead headed midwife ” I do not want to tear, please don’t let me tear.” She says “alright I may need to get a little up close and personal but I will try my best to not let you tear.” Next thing I know were at second base (with my bottom) now I had read about a perineal massage to reduce the risk of vaginal tearing during birth but I just didn’t think I would do it. GIRLLLLL do what you got to do! So it’s about 9:15 at this point I have had many contractions and been in labor what feels like forever. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast because you really do not want to. I remember saying “I’m going to puke” they handed me a bag I got sick in it and handed it back and they disposed of it. I didn’t get pumped full of medicine for nausea. It is so common to get sick during childbirth. After that, they cleaned me up a bit and I started pushing with my contractions. With each one a roaring moan. Then waiting until the next. I did this about 4 times or about fifteen minutes of pushing. My midwife told me his head was out and I could pull him onto me If I wanted. One more small push and he slid right up between my legs only my chest. This moment this connected but finally together. That was the best. After about ten minutes we cut the cord. I headed over to the bed to push the placenta. That was gross but after that, she examined me and proudly reported NO TEARING! Actually, the facility I went to had like over 90% of mothers have no tearing. We filled out a ton of paperwork and then I got to shower and put on some lovely comfy clothes. Bowen was born a tad jaundice so we stayed about 5 hours for him to stay under a little lamp. Then we left with our newborn baby in tow! Over the next month, I had a midwife come out to our home and she evaluated us both to make sure we were both healthy. Everything about my birthing experience was magical. *Even if I did ask for a wet cool rag and then threw it against the wall!

If you are considering an all natural birth I encourage you to do your research and know your body is capable! All the love! 🕊 #naturalbirth #unmedicated #love #joy #family #breastfeeding #Iwasmadeforthis

#naturalbirth #birthingcenter #mama #son #family

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