Simple self-love tips

I’m not going to lie. I struggle with self-esteem issues daily. Everyone does. It’s human nature to have insecurities. Today is a whole different story with social media making millennial girls self-esteem extremely low. It is important to talk about, everyone has things about them they want to change. For me, it was my skin I have struggled with blemish prone skin for years and I finally said enough is enough! I called the best dermatologist around and got a consultation. I felt so empowered after that appointment because for so long my skin was crippling. Some days I was just so embarrassed by how I looked I didn’t even want people to see me. Making the choice to be active in my happiness and stop beating around the bush was a bit of a rush! Not saying looks are everything but if something is affecting you on the inside it is definitely worth taking action. A woman can tend to look outward for love and approval. I do not like that. Let’s fix that. Below are three things I do every day that has made my “self-love” journey simple and satisfying. Hopefully, these are helpful! I know it has made a huge difference for me!

Some things I do EVERY DAY to stay “in love with myself”

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Instagram: @agcampphotos

1. I talk to myself in the mirror!

I have 3-5 things on my list usually and I got this idea from my favorite author Jen Sincero! She is amazing! Anyway, usually, I start with beautiful, then smart, productive, patient, and calm. I rotate them as my mood shifts but you get it. Pick areas in your personality or traits you wished you were more like make your list and say them each morning when you brush your teeth! This is your mantra so make it specific to your wants/needs. Like a pep talk/ reminder to be the best you that you can be. For me, it has always been about repetition so this is perfect.

2. Read your bible

I am terrible at reading loads of scripture. I admit it. So what I have found works and I stay consistently doing is reading a verse a day either in my bible or on my phone! I’ll read the verse and usually just spend time with God thinking/talking about the day ahead, how this verse applies to my life. This gives me that motivation to be the woman God called me to be. Hense giving me loads of joy to start off my day.

3. Get yourself ready for the day. Everyday.

Pick out a nice clean outfit. Do something with your hair. Put on some chapstick and at least one accessory. This always ALWAYS makes me feel more feminine. Every day even though I’m usually just at our house I get Bowen and I dressed and ready! My productivity is so much better when I’m put together. It’s also great for little man to develop a nice routine and I think we have!

These are just my top three things I do just about every day! As long as you take time for yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically everything else should fall into place. Please let me know if you try any of these or if you already do them! You are all beautiful.🕊 #selflove #blog #mamablogger #modelblogger

📸 photos by @caldwellcreations on Instagram

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