My favorite carseat for my toddler

Why I love our Britax grow with you harness to booster

If you’re a parent you know the struggle having a car seat that is difficult to install. Before this, we had a Graco and before that, we had a Chicco. Those two did the job fine but as far as installation they were both a lot compared to the Britax. I heard a friend talking about the Britax car seat and then I saw it in person and knew that was going to be our next car seat. The one we ended up going with was in the color sea glass and I think it’s so fun that it’s blue! When I put Bowen in I can tell he is comfortable and SAFE. and I don’t have to break a sweat getting it set up. My husband even said it was really simple and quick to install.

What makes it so good?

1. Quick installation

2. Simple instructions

3. The grow with you harness to booster is a Great size car seat for a toddler with long legs.

4. Britax is Sold at Walmart stores so it is easy to just go pick one up or you can order!

5. Soft and Easy to clean material

This is my experience and review saying we love our Britax Grow with you harness 2 booster in seaglass car seat and I can not see us using any other brand in the future!

CBD and how it has helped me during pregnancy

What do I use CBD for?

I am a lover of plant medicine and homeopathic medicine, we don’t use over the counter medications. I am always looking for new healthy ways to heal. When I saw friends and family using CBD regularly from local stores and heard amazing success stories it didn’t take long to start doing my own research and come to the conclusion that cannabis is the mother of all healers! CBD stands for cannabidiol and is the second most prevalent active ingredient of cannabis. While CBD is an essential component in medical marijuana, it is derived directly from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant. CBD can not cause a “high” by itself. I use CBD nearly daily for inflammation mostly but also anxiety, brain fog, acne, headaches, and to support my immune system.

Why CBD?

Modern medicine has a time and a place to be used. A sore muscle or a headache or any ache or pain, in my opinion, should not be covered up but healed. Are we drinking enough clean water, eating whole foods, getting our daily vitamins in? If these are all being done properly that’s when I bring in CBD or another plant medicine. I can give it to my children and husband without being worried of the possible side effects because there are none. None long term that could damage kidneys or other major organs. I can feel confident we are treated our ailments while using the purest CBD oils on the market!

How I chose the best CBD

I had tried CBD from friends before but it was always clear and had no plant taste, It was either flavored or plain! I had been following a mom on Instagram who had some of the same takes on motherhood as I did and she was also a businesswoman. She had been working with a CBD oil company and left. Soon after she announced she would be launching her own brand or organically grown, women-owned, made in the USA, CBD oil. I knew I wanted to try it out for myself for my acne and anxiety. So as soon as I could that’s what I did! Shortly after reaping the benefits of this miracle oil I decided to start sharing about it and got some family on board with trying it to help with there health issues. Nūvita CBD is a staple in my medicine cabinet and I don’t see us ever not having it. It tastes just like pure cannabis oil, smells great, lasts long, and has no additive ingredients. I hope this answered some questions about CBD and pregnancy and as always consult your healthcare provider while taking supplements while pregnant. Thank you for reading! The link to purchase your nūvita CBD is below just click the link in my bio!

My essential non-toxic cleaning products

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by, today I will be talking about my favorite safe cleaning products. Finding an all in one cleaner was something that was important to me because I try to be more on the minimal side when it comes to the number of products we keep our the home. It was also important to find a cleaner that was not toxic to breathe in for me or my growing family. That’s when I came across Branch Basics!

How it works

Branch basics is a woman-owned business and they sell non-toxic cleaner! How it works is you order your kit and it comes with the soap concentrate and labeled bottles. You fill with water then fill to the soap line and that’s it, you’re ready to clean! The oxygen boost is amazing as well I use it for a spot treatment and you can add it to loads to brighten them up. Online Branch basics has different options to choose your kit, they even have a trial kit for $5!

How long it lasts

I received my starter kit around January and it is May and I need to just now reorder the concentrate. I use it as hand soap, dish soap, all purpose spray, no streak spray, laundry detergent, and spot treatment, you can also use it on your whole bathroom! It works quick and I don’t need 10 products. It lasted our family about 4 months and It’s the only cleaner I used.

How much is the cost

The starter kit is $69.00 this includes the concentrate all the bottles you will need and the oxygen boost which I have and love for fighting stains! And to repurchase the 33 oz. concentrate is $49.00. I definitely think they are worth the investment if you divide that by weeks it lasted us 16 weeks then we spent about $3.15 a week on a good nontoxic cleaning soap. Winning!

My opinion

I will be repurchasing this product and I think they are economical and sustainable. The product performs well and lasts a long time. And I forgot to mention they just released NEW GLASS BOTTLES! Branch Basics is the kind of brand I love to support and feel so lucky I found my forever cleaner!

We are pregnant!

We are pregnant! This is our second baby. We already have a three year old little boy and Toby and I are so excited for him to have a sibling! I am currently only about eight

weeks, and have morning sickness which is different from my last! My husband and I knew we wanted more that one child so we were all excited and a little surprised. Haha

The theme of the blog will shift slightly more strongly targeted toward those who want to read about the topics I will list. At least from now until about August 2020! Of course still, some family and lifestyle posts as well but mostly pregnancy & baby, midwifery care at home delivery & postpartum. I hope you will enjoy sharing my feelings and experiences as well as some facts on these topics! Also with this new little one, we will be starting our cloth diapering journey and baby-led weaning. So if these topics interest you then please stick around!

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Toddler and Mommy Morning routine

Hey there! If there is one thing I’ve learned from being a mama is that my son THRIVES off of a routine and schedule. He has since about 3 months probably. Nothing too structured but pretty much the same flow every morning and evening makes for a smooth day! Below I am sharing our everyday routine, I hope this helps some mamas get a little routine down! *This is also to be taken with a grain of salt, every day does not go like this.

7:30 mama wakes

7:40 pick up/ write down intentions for the day

7:45 water& snack

8:00 Bowen awake/change diaper/milk

8:10 book/music/snack/cuddle

8:15 bowen independent play/mama sits (if it’s a struggle 30 min show)

9:30 cook breakfast\simple center

10:00 eat & clean up

10:30 get ready

11:00 outside time & 1X laundry

12:00 lunchtime/clean up

12:45 outside play/playdate/run errands

1:30 snack/quiet time/ coloring & 1X chore

2:30 outside time before dinner

3:30 house pick up/ prep dinner/ Bowen independent play

4:30 start cooking/ bowen show

5:30 dinner time

6:00 dishes/pick up/play w/ Bowen

7:30 bathtime

8:00 cuddles/milk & show

9:00-9:30 bedtime

(In my head I wanted to have zero screen time during the week but that just doesn’t work for us, however, I do limit time. No more than a child’s age of hours per day. So Bowen who is 3 gets no more than 3 hours of screentime a day sometimes we don’t have any or very little but as long as we are outside and playing the majority of the day, I can handle some television.)

* outfits are shopARQ.

You can shop at there website:

Must have diaper bag

Fawn designs mini in brown

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant I didn’t even think about what kind of bag we would use. Instead of researching I just picked out the one we agreed on style wise which was a canvas grey backpack from Amazon. This lasted 2 years before the plastic adjustment broke on one side. Then I was in the market for a replacement. I had seen leather diaper bags advertised but didn’t know if that was the route i wanted. After seeing a fawn bag in person and touching the quality i knew that was going to be our next diaper bag investment. I was going to get the original size but to my knowledge if you only have one child the mini is plenty roomy enough. And for someone like me who likes things fairly minimal. The mini brown diaper bag was a no brainer. I have used this bag for about a month now and can say that the quality of the vegan leather and zippers is better than any of my other bags. The stitching is extremely thick so you can really store anything you need. I love my diaper bag and only wish I would have had it sooner! Thank you for reading. Retail Price is 94.99

How to have an awesome day as a mama

Have a routine

Morning and nighttime routine is a must for children they strive off of consistency. You do not have to be strict and exact everyday but doing the same tasks in the same order every morning can help get the day started off by feeling g accomplished. A nighttime routine maybe a warm bath, Jamie’s, milk and a story before bed. This is a perfect way to get there little minds ready for bedtime.

Stay calm

This is my number one struggle because I am enthusiastic by nature. Of course when a child is upset or crying you want to remain calm to help them through. But even more interesting I have found my son does better with a calm atmosphere in general. No electronics, simple toys, a low slow tone in my voice. He responds much more calm which makes total sense. If you find yourself dealing with alot of meltdowns one day try being extra calm almost like a yoga instructor voice and see how your little responds.

Make mundane tasks feel special

I do this every day. I wake up make my coffee open a window and just have my morning time to myself. This makes doing chores around the home just feel like I am sipping coffee and having me time not housework. If you are moping try listening to some fun dance music. You can always make the say a little more upbeat and special!

Love, when in doubt just love them

If all else fails and I just can not win that day. Grace and love always wins even through a tantrum I can hold him in a safe position until he is calm and just hug him and tell him I am here. We are not perfect and neither are our little people. If we could just treat them how we would want to be treated and meet them with love and understanding then we will be able to teach our child in the ways we want. When I was young my mother told me she loved me one or two times that I can remember same for hugging and kissing. I make sure to hug and kiss my son everyday multiple times as well as tell him how much I love him and how amazing he is. Thankyou for reading beautiful people! 🕊

Matching sets are a spring/summer wardrobe staple!

Hey there! In the summer in the South the last thing you want to do is think about the clothes you have to out on. Honestly just my birthday suit is perfect for me! When I do need to be presentable, I have been grabbing these 2 piece sets from Entourage clothing and Gifts! This summer I bet these little sets along with some dresses will be my go to! It just takes no effort on our part to get dressed for the day with sets and always looks put together! If you are trying to find the best 2 piece set this year check out @Entourage there selection is massive and everything is 42$ and under! Go get em girl! Thank you for reading! 🕊

10 Busy activities for your toddler

Hey there! I have listed a few of the activities we have had in our rotation this summer. There is a mix of indoor and outdoor activities but I find when we are outside my son likes more independent play. Everything used is from the dollar tree. Except for the playdough! So pretty inexpensive. I just like to have as many quick and simple activities to pull out when my son is bored and the television is just not an option. Limiting children’s screentime is so so so important. I would say no more hours than there age but that would make me a hypocrite some days… Sometimes you just tryna survive. But Just do your best to fill their little minds with wonder instead of them being on autopilot during a show. I hope these few activities give everyone some good ideas on how we can have an awesome summer!! Thank you for reading! 🕊“Painting” with water outsideRice or bean sensory binChalkboard and colored chalkStickers on construction paperScissors cutting Activity Making Mud pies outsideCollect flowers in a bucketRead books outside Watering flowers and weed the garden Play make believe!! Kids love this, use your imagination!

Living intentionally

Hey friends! In this post, I am just going to be listing helpful tips to help you live more intentionally!

1.When you wake up do something you enjoy for the first 30 minutes.

2. Think about what is going to better your life & take you in the direction you want to go.

3. Set 2 medium sized goals for yourself everyday.

Thankyou so much for reading! Just be yourself! 🕊

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