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The springtime here in South Carolina is more like summer. It is not uncommon to hit the 80’s in May and be well in the 90’s until September. So I usually go for flowy outfits. That means shorts and jeans just won’t do it for me. A dress, a jumpsuit, or a ROMPER is the way to go in my opinion. My summer wardrobe mostly consist of these items! Not only are these pieces comfortable but so extremely easy to style! You can wear them casually or dress them up with some fun jewelry and heels! Either way having a few staple rompers in your arsenal will make picking out a cute outfit effortless! Thank you for reading! 🕊

Living intentionally

I think living life the way that you want to is something that a very small percentage of people actually get to do. Not caring if what excites you and makes you happy, might concern or even upset someone else. This. This is the key, THEY have an issue NOT YOU. Easier said than done but really if you want to wear a sundress and everyone else is wearing jeans and a top what are the chances you go with your intuition, your first pick, and didn’t care about what anyone else was wearing. Somehow someway we got programmed into thinking we need to all try and be similar. Similar life, similar timelines. Go to public school, travel some, marriage, buy a house, start a family. But what if you’re not like the rest of them…

I am sharing this just in case anyone feels like they have to fit into a mold that they did not have a say in. You are the creator of your own destiny and life. You can literally do ANYTHING. Will you be good at everything. No. But you may just come across something that sparks a Little Flame and fucking run with it and does not let anyone touch it! Seriously I feel like my life took a 180 when I stopped trying to be what other people perceived and started doing what I love. Anything in Nature, homemaking, staying home with my son, blogging, fashion, and the list goes on and on. I do not feel as one is more important than the other I just feel full and grateful that they all work together to create my unique life. If we intentionally spend our time and money only on what we truly want. That is when we win. Thankyou so much for reading! Just be yourself! 🕊

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Spring fever

Springtime is always very anticipated at least in our home. It’s a time for new adventures, warm weather, and more sunshine! This pullover lightweight sweater is absolutely perfect for any plans during the warmer but not quite summer weather. It’s so cute and cozy but not too warm! Shop this top at Elkmont trading company in Clemson, SC or online. It would be the perfect weekend top for anything indoors or my favorite, outdoors! I was thinking just being outside 1X every day has to lower stress and anxiety. It just makes you have to be present. Which may be difficult to do in our electronic run, millennial era. I think making a priority for outside time is the key! As a family, we try to at least go outside after or before dinner if we haven’t had a chance to that day. Like this past weekend, we were outside after dinner while my husband was doing some yard work. The sun was shining down, our wind chimes blowing, Bowen was just running around the yard with our dog. And I was able to sit back and take it all in. This is my life. I am blessed beyond measure to have a healthy and happy family. It was one of those golden nugget moments! I encourage you to give into the spring fever and do someone you want to go do outside. This time of year is always so fun to plan family fun activities and now that our son is old enough we will be planning a lot more. You can do anything you set your mind to! Thank you for reading and enjoy your day! 🕊

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The perfect summer dress

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White summer stroll dress

I have been wanting to incorporate more fashion posts on my blog and spring\summer seem like the perfect time! Especially here in South Carolina, we have already had a few almost 80°f days! I am not complaining though I love the heat and the sun, and this dress is perfect for just that! I am a tad biased because I LOVE a good dress during the warmer months. People say “oh wow, you’re dressed up” No, no I just threw on one single garment but thank you! Haha! Really though this dress is so cute and feminine it hits about 3″ inches above the knee and the backless feature is just my favorite! I go braless because well I go braless 95% of the time but you could wear a backless bra if you wish! So whether you are playing with the family all day or running around town shopping this dress IS IT! Thanks for reading. 🕊

How to Know your worth

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Worth is the value at which someone or something deserves to be rated. This blog post might sound a little like a rant but… It’s my blog so I can really say whatever the fuck I actually, please.

Stop beating around the bush

I was born in upstate NY and my whole family is from there. I grew up saying the first thing I thought. Never was I corrected or belittled or made to feel ignorant. Moving on to moving to upstate SC people are completely different. Not in a bad way. I obviously really enjoy it here and the people. The only thing is around here if you say “No” people tend to think you are mad or upset. They need a full explanation as to “why” you said no. No is a complete damn sentence, you should not have to defend your answer ever. I love saying no. As someone who struggles with anxiety and ADD spreading myself thin by saying yes to. everything only makes my life feel like chaos. So if you don’t want to do something do not best around just say NO!

Eliminate negativity

This one is hard and goes back to NOT beating around the bush but I struggle with this daily. If you know something is stressing you out. Eliminate it now. Laundry that needs folding? Do it. Dishes? Wash them. Dinnertime chaos? Pinterest and let the baby watch TV. Child tantrum? Talk to them. Appointment or meeting? Do your research and crush it! You can find what really adds stress and chaos to your daily routine and make them work for you. This is your life don’t waste it worrying about the daily craziness.

Be proud

It is common to be told not to be prideful and this is true. But if you are proud of your life you have created I have found that pride only manifest that amazing life even more. It’s like you’re telling the universe I’m proud of how I reacted to all the different scenarios that were thrown my way and now look! You have probably spent some time and money getting where you are now. Remember to stay humble and grateful for where you are but definitely be proud of where you’re going. 🕊

Best tips for toddler Temper Tantrums

Photos by @downtoearthphotography on Instagram

Clothing is @shopentourage on Instagram

Understanding Tantrums

I worked at a daycare for 2 years in and out of the toddler classrooms. I have a two-year-old son who has also taught me a lot about toddlers and their many emotions (usually justified). When children hit around age 2 they begin to test their limits and boundaries of life. They are growing, learning and developing. Also, communication is limited but receptive language is soaring. Toddlers are starting to understand very well but can not express themselves or most ideas verbally yet. Frustrating. Then Naturally, they are going to make mistakes (part of learning anything new) and how we react to them is a direct correlation with how they will react. For example, if our child makes a mess with a toy or food we could react by shouting and scowling. Or we could ask them why they did it and explain why they should not have made that choice. This takes more time and energy but in the long run, teaches a lesson and gives the child an understanding. Instead of scaring and degrading them. You have to think about children as yourself how would you want to be treated at that age? Or now? Would you yell at your spouse or friend for making a mess?

Egnologing their feelings

If you were crying and someone who was trying to comfort you says “oh you’re fine”. You’re probably not going to confide in them again. Same with our children the only difference is we feel as adults that they should have “control” and suppress feelings at a young age. If my two-year-old is upset because he wants something in a store that he can not have, because we don’t give him whatever he wants, he is not being a brat he is upset that he can not get his way. Our JOB is to teach how to cope with these feelings. I usually say I see you really wanted that thing, I know it is frustrating not to get what you want. But and then go on to explain you have plenty of you to play with or whatever.

Finding a solution

Okay, this is just as important a the first two steps to you will just be repeating the same thing over and over. So after you have understood what your child is upset about, now you can move on to finding a solution. This might look like “I know you want this but we can not get that and I know that makes you upset but we can eat these snacks I brought until we’re done at the store. Almost a distraction but you are still doing the 3 keynotes. This technique has worked for me and I hope it works for anyone else! 🕊

*Disclaimer: I am not an expert childcare specialist. If you need advice on what to do, talk to your medical provider. This is simply my opinion and experience.

Advice on Manifesting your own destiny

What does it mean to manifest your destiny?

Manifest means clear or obvious to the eye or mind. Simple. And destiny the events that necessarily happen to a specific person or thing in the future.

What draws you in?

The first step in manifesting your destiny is defining what you want. This is where it gets tricky. It’s not figuring out what you need to be a successful person it’s figuring out what lights your soul on fire. That’s what I want to spend my time and energy on. Whatever you love, what excites you, makes you giddy and ready to start! For me, I like reading other bloggers and Instagram accounts so next step…

Act like you’ve done it forever

This is huge because manifesting is just believing you have something already but really you do not, yet. When you have made your decision start acting on it. You do not have to be perfect, but at least you are here. Where you want to be and spending your time how you want. Study other habits in your niche. If there is someone you look up to, see what they are doing and how they do it. You may just find you’re a lot better than you thought!

Consistency is key

This is true for almost everything in life. If you really want something done correctly and efficiently you have to stay consistent. There is no way around this. But I find that setting yourself up for “small wins” is more effective. For example, instead of writing a to-do list twenty bullets longs write down three and when you have done them you will feel a lot more satisfied. Do a little every day and it will all add up.

Love your surroundings

Now, this is more drastic but totally worth it. Your home, car, the things you eat, and people you are around affecting your mood. These are all part of your surroundings. I suggest analyzing what you do not love and if it is unnecessary and can go. Let it go. Or them. Things and people who are not building us up and adding positive vibes do nothing but tear your spirits down. I am responsible for my joy in life but I am also responsible for the lack of.

I hope we can all manifest our life to their fullest potential! Thank you for reading! 🕊
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